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Released: Sep 24, 2009
Updated: Sep 24, 2009 by andresv
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Release Notes

Retina.NET v2.0 (v2.0.20924.0)

Summary of changes:

New Features

  1. Reading of database generated values using OUPUT clause in SQL 2005/2008. It eliminates one or more reads from the inserted / modified row.
  2. Added support for identity columns not being Primary Keys.
  3. New SQL 2008 dataStore supporting Datetime2, Time, Date, DatetimeOffset & FILESTREAM.
  4. Support for the new Stream data type. It supports chunked download & upload of BLOBs to database.
  5. Added support for IN and NOT IN criteria operators.
  6. OuterJoin Load support for child entities & collections.
  7. Caching support for entities.
  8. Retina .NET compiled for .NET 2.0 & Visual Studio 2008.
  9. Removed NullableType & NUnit dependency.
  10. Added Generic methods support for ObjectContext high level API.
  11. Added VistaDB 3.0 support (preliminar).
  12. Added Compact Sql support.
  13. Added Generic child collections & sets.
  14. Added LCG support (DynamicMethod) to avoid reflection.
  15. Updated Castle Dynamic proxy to v2.0.
  16. Created a new DSL designer for VS2008 (preview 2).
  17. Added support for entity fields validation attributes (based on EViL)
  18. Entity map internal implementation to allowing load of circular entity references.
  19. Support for generic IList for Retrieve operations.
  20. Add TRACE support for SQL commands in DataStoreBroker base class.
  21. Added Retrieve method to ObjectContext to return generic IList.
  22. Add Stream data type support for loading (and now saving) large binary files from DB async.
  23. Add EndsWith & NotEndsWith Criteria operator.


  1. Fixed memory leak when no Retina.config file found.
#Fixed optional serialization for child entities & collections.
  1. Fixed configuration reading from network paths.
  2. Fixed support for IList<> generic interface for child collections.
  3. Fixed support for subclassed entities in child collections.
  4. Fixed custom data type support in DataStores.
  5. Fixed ObjectContext constructor with ObjectDataStore name.
  6. Fixed saving modified entities having proxy lazy loading child entities.
  7. Fixed byte[] support for binary columns.
  8. Fixed n-m lazy load of child collections.
  9. Fixed delete of entities with nullable child entities.
  10. Fixed IClonable support for entities.


  1. LINQ support is in the works.
  2. Add subclassing and relationship navegability support to DSL designer.

Need help with

  1. Testing / fixing new data stores (VistaDB / Compact Sql)
  2. Documentation / Quick Start
  3. Unit testing
  4. Samples (I have plenty of samples that need to be ported to v2.0)

Reviews for this release

Excellent library.. Great architecture and a practical approach. Code is easy to read and follow.
by splitmerge on Dec 7, 2008 at 5:18 PM
Very usefull! Very happy to find such a OR/M
by Delfwaren on Oct 8, 2008 at 2:10 PM