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Release Notes

This include the VS.NET 2005 solution projects with all Core, DataStore and Tests in Retina.NET.
Please note that this version of the sources is not VS2003 solution, and therefore can be debugged in VS2005 but it must be compiled using MSBUILD command line and MSBEE 1.0 for generating NET 1.1 assemblies from a VS2005 solution.
For your convenience I have included two CMD files: build.cmd and build_release.cmd, both found in the root of the solution folder.
Please note that the private key used for Retina.NET strong name is not distributed, but all projects are configured to use delay signing with the Retina.NET public key and therefore you must skip verification of Retina.NET debug assemblies.
The sources are provided for viewing/learning/debugging only, and if you are going to use Retina.NET in a project is recommended to use the official binaries. If you make any changes or improvements to Retina.NET you are encouraged to submit this changes to te author so it can provide you an official Retina.NET release.

And that means that:
*- More testing is needed. Help in including more Unit Testing would be very appreciated.
*- Documentation and QuickStart document is not provided.
*- Some samples may not work, specially the Portal application.
*- EntityGen and EntityGen2 projects are untested.
*- Installers are not included in this release.

= Retina.NET config file format is changed =

Main changes introduced in this release:
*- Full support for using stored procedures for persistence and Criteria queries.
*- Fixed Nullable TEXT column generation in all DataStoreBuilders.
*- Changed reference to Castle.DynamixProxy v1.0.5.0 for including the latests fixes.
*- Changes in the ChildCollection class to enforce duplicate policy during Insert or Remove.
*- Created the AuditManager class for application audits (trace) of executed commands.
*- Delete triggers now fire as expected.
*- Fixed the loading of child entities when an entity has more than one relationship with the same child entity.
*- Proper support for Criteria objects on inherited entities, no matter what persistence model is used (joins or not).
*- Change in ObjectContext constructor to use CodeBase instead of Location. This allows Retina to run under shadow folders.
*- Support for COM+ v1.5 transactions without the need of an EnterpriseServices component.

I have made a specially strong effort to eliminate any remaining bug so any feedback on that would be welcome.

This version has suffrered some deep refactoring and all this changes will be integrated into the NET 2.0 version. In fact, I'm currently working on merging both versions into a single VS2005 solution.

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